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<div class="ExternalClassBA97E82FBE754847B2D3D9D8BD0CC022"><div><p>We serve youth and adult clients in the areas of opioid replacement therapy and withdrawal management, including but not limited to medical consultation, prescription of methadone/suboxone and planned tapering of addictive substances. </p><p>A nurse and physician work together to provide shared care. Services are no cost. </p><p>Harm reduction (including naloxone training and dispensing), acupuncture, SMART recovery, addictions counselling, access to mental health support, and access to rehabilitation (occupational therapy, recreation therapy, employment counselling, peer support) are also available on site.</p></div></div>1200 West 73rd Avenue(604) 266-7134<div class="ExternalClass48932B04E017406380BD0754640996AE"><p>​Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.</p></div>(604) 266-6124V6P 6G5BC<div class="ExternalClass503B6C2D617F40C3B92FA028E53ECA28"><p>​There is ample street parking. Located 1 block from the Marpole loop. Bus tickets are available to individuals who require them for transportation to the site. The site is wheelchair accessible through the Airport Square tower. </p></div>49.2041247,-123.1332583<div class="ExternalClassA65BDE9530F74FC6B5F14C79BCA7CA7B"><p>​A referral can be initiated by the person affected, family/support, or health care professional by phoning (604) 266-6124. </p></div><div class="ExternalClass251C36D20B2E4687AFCBA425B82D89B5"><div>​This service is for individuals living in Vancouver.</div></div>West wing of the Airport Square Tower

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