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<div class="ExternalClass3AD75CEE3A974C79B9D50709A801F8ED"><p>START provides rapid access to out-patient detox for those who need help stopping or stabilizing their substance use, or are reluctant or unable to access residential withdrawal management facilities. </p><p>Treatment includes assessment, withdrawal management, individual treatment plans and referral to counselling and other psychosocial interventions. </p><p>START provides rapid stabilization onto Buprenorphine/Naloxone for people dependant on opioids, as well as manage low risk withdrawal, including alcohol withdrawal, in a person's home. <br></p></div> 675-2455, press “2” then 22574BC<div class="ExternalClass52708E62713B45369EA0872E11727A35"><div><div><p>Must be a resident of Vancouver. </p><p>If under 19 years of age, or withdrawing from Alcohol must have a support person. <br></p><p>If the individual is detoxing at home, they must be residing in a safe, stable, substance-free environment.<br></p><p>Contact START for more information on eligibility and accessibility. <br></p></div></div></div>

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