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<div class="ExternalClass7F85D4DB58F44157A09B4FD2D4E34441"><p>​Provides support to young and vulnerable pregnant women who have a low income, or have concerns about how they are going to cope with caring for their new baby. A public health nurse will help women make healthy choices in pregnancy, learn about feeding and caring for a new baby and find community services that are right for them.</p></div>1 (855) 550-2229 - Toll-freeBC<div class="ExternalClass8A4E3C17792944CDB7768E63E528578A"><div><p>Eligibility restrictions:<br></p><div><ul><li><p>Gender: Female</p></li><li><p>Age: 24 and under</p></li></ul></div></div></div>

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