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<div class="ExternalClassDC8EEB3B2C9B4A58AAC92CC191B4815F"><div><p>In partnership with the Richmond RCMP, we provide mobile community mental health assessment and intervention to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. An RCMP constable with specialized mental health training and a VCH-Richmond mental health nurse respond to calls from health care professionals, clients, family members and the general public providing effective, timely intervention. Services include mobile assessments, referrals to follow up with mental health services both hospital and community based, health care professionals or other agencies. <br></p></div></div>(604) 244-5197<div class="ExternalClassCA784C92A7814C8AB1F4C5F330299246"><p>​7 days a week from 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.</p></div>(604) 244-5562<div class="ExternalClassA00EA2DD2BB146BDAB53D496EF159FAA"><p>​Serves the city of Richmond (including Vancouver Airport). Accepts calls from health-care professionals, clients, family members and general public.<br></p></div>

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