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<div class="ExternalClass53A623D384914F29A4A577807D4CCCCD"><p>We provide new parents with the chance to connect with and get support from other parents and health care professionals <span aria-hidden="true"></span>to discuss infant growth and development, nutrition, safety and adjustment to parenthood. </p><p>Each session is presented by a public health nurse or another health care expert such as a community nutritionist. Some of the topics presented include:<br></p><ul><li><p>breastfeeding</p></li><li><p>nutrition</p></li><li><p>immunization</p></li><li><p>safety<br></p></li><li><p>dental care</p></li><li><p>adjusting to parenthood</p></li><li><p>play</p></li><li><p>preparing for return to work and more<br></p></li></ul><p>At each session, you will also have plenty of time for conversation with other parents and to get your questions answered by the public health nurse. </p><p>This service is free. <br></p><h2>Schedule<br></h2><p><a href="/_layouts/15/DocIdRedir.aspx?ID=VCHCA-1797567310-2215" target="_blank"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/images/icgen.gif" alt="" style="margin:5px;" />Topic Schedule - Winter - North Shore</a><br></p><h2>Call us <br></h2><p></p><ul><li><p>For reception, call (604) 904-6450 <br></p></li><li><p>To book a lactation consultation appointment, call (604) 983-6863 <br></p></li><li><p>To speak with a public health nurse, call (604) 983-6700<br></p></li></ul><p></p></div>3625 Banff Court2nd floor(604) 904-6470<div class="ExternalClassE0F1EF3FDAC64927A100082DBCA36965"><p>​Monday: 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.</p><p>Hours may change, please check the current schedule in the Resources section below. <br></p><p>Program closed in July and August. We will re-open in September. Over the summer please visit us at Lynn Valley or John Braithwaite Parent and Infant groups<br></p></div>(604) 904-6450 - ReceptionPhone: Book LC appointment: (604) 983-6863 OR speak with a public health nurse: (604) 983-6700V7H 2Z8BC<div class="ExternalClassC34E932055E6471BB5D5FAFC4700409A"><p>​Free parking is available.</p></div>49.31808359999999,-122.97058629999998<div class="ExternalClass8809BAA0BAC446C39230A35DFEDC3978"><p>Program closed in July and August. We will re-open in September. Over the summer please visit us at Lynn Valley or John Braithwaite Parent and Infant groups.<br></p></div><div class="ExternalClass09D8CD7A7D8A41A1BCBE1E6649933C62"><p>​Some of our groups are for parents of infants and others are for parents of toddlers. Call the group to find out the target age range.<br>Give us a call and we'll give you the schedule for the group that is in session.<br></p></div>Parkgate Community Health Centre

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