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<div class="ExternalClassBA212D2F8845460F8C58F40140F7CF85"><div><div><p>We assess and prepare patients who begin hemodialysis for vascular access site, and provides follow-up care. The clinic team will prepare the site, teach the patient how to care for the access site, and watch for infections or complications.<br></p></div></div></div>855 West 12th Avenue(604) 875-5216<div class="ExternalClassE91DCCB108EB4004BC8A870AA83475A6"><div><div>Tuesday - Thursday</div><div>2 p.m. - 5 p.m.</div></div></div>(604) 875-4111 extension 63138 or 69751V5Z 1M9BC<div class="ExternalClass1E01E65A4E7544E89CDBB7D2E4A34904"><p>Bus routes are located outside of the facility.</p><p>Metered parking is available on 10th Avenue and Laurel Street. </p><p>A parkade is available on Laurel Street.</p></div>49.26010950000001,-123.1234632<div class="ExternalClass6DD35B0405E24BBCB8D30FE1B71D64B2"><div>English. Printed materials are available in Punjabi and Chinese.</div><div><br></div></div><div class="ExternalClass772ADB47FFC042F285BF940C79ACCCE5"><p>​We accept referrals from nephrologists/doctors orders, initiated by nephrology office, in-hospital dialysis unit, community dialysis units.</p></div>1st floor of the Jim Pattison Pavilion SouthVancouver General Hospital - Jim Pattison Pavilion

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