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<div class="ExternalClass74CD4B0D46E448C7A4E923682DD3A56E"><div>We provide an accessible, coordinated and integrated system of care to British Columbians with bladder problems. <br>Our clinical staff is trained in nursing, urology and gynecology and work with physiotherapists in a coordinated fashion. <br><br></div><div>Our clinic provides the following services:<br><ul><li>Urodynamics testing</li><li>Cystoscopy</li><li>Pelvic floor retraining </li></ul></div></div>2211 Wesbrook Mall1st floor, unit 1B - F329(604) 822-6984<div class="ExternalClass93AE1C1B3695447593259EC501BB1E82"><p>Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m - 5:30 p.m</p></div>(604) 822-6143V6T 2B5BC<div class="ExternalClass0F9443050DF745E89C52439A8D1DF3A8"><p>There is a parkade near the Urgent Care Centre entrance as well as a student parkade. Parking meters are also available along Wesbrook.</p><p>​For parking information at UBC, please visit <a href=""></a> <br></p></div>49.2639934,-123.24632359999998<div class="ExternalClass71F317E48494410C863ACDB4B7781068"><p>For urodynamics testing and cystoscopy you will need a doctor's referral. For pelvic floor retraining with the physiotherapist, a doctor's referral is recommended but not required. </p><p>The Nurse Continence Advisor may be seen by self-referral.<br></p></div>UBC Hospital - Koerner Pavilion

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