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<div class="ExternalClass4434659340414B4EB800491D008751D7"><div><p>The Peer Support Program trains people who have first-hand experience receiving mental health services to work one-to-one with their peers. The program is designed to provide youth, adults and older adults who have serious and/or persistent mental illness with support to achieve personal goals, to learn new skills, and to link with community services.</p><p>Peer support workers are paid for their work and work alongside mental health professionals as colleagues.</p></div></div>520 West 6th Avenue(604) 874-7661<div class="ExternalClassE44A88C19D944EDEAC941ADCC573F7C6"><div>Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.</div></div>(604) 708-5276V5Z 4H5BC49.2657452,-123.1156403<div class="ExternalClass0E22BE5594E44A4B9C44201F8CC16B77"><div><div>Clients who wish to have a peer support worker make the request through the mental health team. The program does not take self-referrals.<br></div></div></div>2nd floor

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