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<div class="ExternalClassA1C16A5A5E7E4F1EA3817DC0F7376ACB"><div><p>​We provide community inspection and monitoring to ensure the safety of places where people live, work, play or visit. Includes ensuring the sanitary disposal of waste and sustainable design of communities, healthy housing, emergency preparedness and injury prevention. Monitors and controls noise in some communities. Also responds to complaints and concerns about pest infestation (rats, mice and insects) and works to reduce exposure to disease vectors (e.g. mosquitoes and mice). Also aims to reduce the use of pesticides in the community. </p><p>To register feedback or a complaint, please call the nearest public health branch or send an email to <a href=""></a>.</p></div></div>601 West 736-8651(604) 675-3800V5Z 4C2BC<div class="ExternalClassEC98B0914DFD441A95A1CCDBF72B72E4"><div><p>​Elevators available through Broadway street entrance.</p></div></div>49.2637363,-123.11800449999998

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