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<div class="ExternalClassA1521BAD11B441BDB70D97276D200C83"><p>​We provide primary health care to residents of the Downtown Eastside who do not have a primary physician and who have challenges accessing traditional health care services. Primary care provides services only to specific populations - not for general access. </p><p>Services are provided by a team that may include doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, concurrent disorders counsellors, social workers, community liaison workers, and peers. Primary care health services include: medical exams; wound care; disease prevention; diagnosis; immunization for adults; information, treatment and prevention for sexually transmitted infections (STI), HIV and hepatitis; TB testing and care.</p><p>The clinic also provides addictions services including opiate agonist therapy (methadone/Suboxone) initiation and maintenance; needle exchange (clean needles and other harm reduction equipment/supplies) plus support in seeking detox, recovery houses and treatment centres. Concurrent Disorders counsellors provide short-term individual counselling, as well as groups that address both mental health and addiction issues and referrals to other community resources and education.</p><p>Other services offered at the center include a podiatrist, dermatologist, respiratory (lung) therapist, a dietitian, and internal medicine consultations.</p><p>Specialty area(s) include the Hepatitis C program, which offers monitoring and treatment of hepatitis C and a hepatitis C group.</p></div>59 West Pender Street(604) 688-9775<div class="ExternalClass936DAD640A62474FB55380B55BD503A9"><p> Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.</p><p>Women only: Thursday from 5 p.m. - 7 p.m.</p></div>(604) 669-9181V6B 1R3BC49.2809459,-123.1067395<div class="ExternalClassE73DA40C6ACC4254A2B6318E714D033F"><br></div><p>​</p><div class="ExternalClass73B3DEE53BA141FBB6B45316A3DF7BD4"><p>​Screening for access to services will be completed by clinic staff at first visit.</p><p>Priority given to individuals living with complex psychosocial and clinical needs, who are vulnerable and underserved, and who require a higher intensity of services to achieve and maintain functional stability.</p><p>Age: 19+<br></p></div>Pender Community Health Centre

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