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<div class="ExternalClassB7FCB45C944847228CD3642C5C00C484"><p>We provide highly specialized assessment, diagnosis and treatment for problems of the voice and larynx (voice box). Clinic staff include speech-language pathologists; medical specialists with advanced training in problems of the "Ears, Nose and Throat," psychiatrists, neurologists; and voice-teacher specialists. </p><p>We also provide a 7-8 week vocal rehabilitation program and one-week summer intensive programs, in a group format, to occupational voice users (people who use their voice in their jobs) who are experiencing, or wishing to prevent, vocal distress. If a medical or surgical treatment is required, the appropriate prescriptions, referrals or surgical steps will be offered. Directed by Dr. Murray Morrison, laryngologist. Houses the Provincial Voice Care Resource Program.<br><br></p></div>2775 Laurel Street(604) 875-5382<div class="ExternalClass1DAF2D518C924CE0ABD692543F5CBD1F"><p>Please call to book an appointment. Appointment times vary with doctor's availability.</p></div>(604) 875-4204V5Z 1M9BC<div class="ExternalClass565FFECEC28A40BC8DCE8FE0384EBE9C"><br></div><p>​</p>49.2611808,-123.1254002<div class="ExternalClass3FC4DC23C32E46A589369B7F06ACAC37"><div>A referral is required. </div></div>4th floorVancouver General Hospital - Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre

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