Community-Based Hospice Care - East 14th Street

?Specialized residential care setting for people with diagnosed terminal illness for end-of-life care. Designed to provide a home-like environment for patients requiring end-of-life care for several days to a few months.

A 15 bed facility providing end of life care with a focus on quality of life in a home like setting for periods up to 12 weeks.

319 East 14th Street
North Vancouver, BC
V7L 2N7
Phone: (604) 984-3743
Fax: (604) 980-8318


?Please call to learn more about accessing these services. Referrals for hospice residential care in Vancouver are accepted for any client already known to VCH community health services or from professional contacts in the Fraser Health region. Patients not known to these services (e.g., referrals from family doctors, BC Cancer Agency, or acute care hospitals) are first referred for assessment from a VCH professional. Referrals for hospice care are screened by Vancouver Palliative Access Line to ensure the individuals are appropriate for hospice settings.


?Clients must be assessed for eligibility before being able to receive this service. Contact the Vancouver Community Palliative Access Line at (604) 263-7255 to learn more. If the client has been in hospital and need Home Support, the VCH Transition Team staff in every Vancouver hospital will handle referrals from hospital to community services. For clients already receiving community-based hospice services and needing additional help, contact the local Community Health Centre directly.