School-Aged Children and Youth (SACY) Substance Use Prevention Initiative

What is SACY?

School Age Children and Youth (SACY) - Substance Use Health Promotion Initiative engages Vancouver parents, teachers, students, administrators and the greater community in a process to strengthen school-based alcohol and drug prevention and early-intervention programs and policies. 

The goal of SACY is to: Enhance the prevention and brief intervention infrastructure in VSB schools and surrounding community to prevent substance use, delay substance use and reduce substance use related problems.

At SACY we believe that young people that feel connected to their schools, who have supportive family, and have adult allies and mentors are stronger, healthier and better able to live up to their full potential.

SACY staff and allies are committed to listening to their experiences and supporting them in the prevention, delay and reduction of substance use.

SACY has four interrelated activity streams

  1. Youth Prevention and Engagement

  2. Parent Engagement

  3. Curriculum and Teacher Training

  4. STEP - a three day off site program

SACY is a partnership of the Vancouver School Board and Vancouver Coastal Health. Other collaborating partners include University of British Columbia, the City of Vancouver, the Vancouver Police Department and the Centre for Addictions Research of British Columbia.

For more information, visit SACY on the Vancouver School Board website