START - Substance Use Treatment and Response Team

START provides rapid access to out-patient detox for those who need help stopping or stabilizing their substance use, or are reluctant or unable to access residential withdrawal management facilities. 

Treatment includes assessment, withdrawal management, individual treatment plans and referral to counselling and other psychosocial interventions. 

START provides rapid stabilization onto Buprenorphine/Naloxone for people dependant on opioids, as well as manage low risk withdrawal, including alcohol withdrawal, in a person's home. 

377 East 2nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V5T 1B9
Phone: (604) 658-1278
Fax: (604) 297-9677


?For new referrals, call Access Central at 1-866-658-1221.


Must be a resident of Vancouver.

If under 19 years of age, or withdrawing from Alcohol must have a support person. 

If the individual is detoxing at home, they must be residing in a safe, stable, substance-free environment.

Contact START for more information on eligibility and accessibility.