Developmental Disabilities Mental Health Services - Canada Way

We provide individualized assessment, treatment and education for adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities and complex mental health needs. 

We offer psychiatric and behavioural assessment, diagnosis, psychiatric treatment, clinical counselling, speech/language assessment, music or art therapy, and therapies to deal with behavioural disorders. 

We deliver one-to-one support at home or in hospital for people in crisis, case management, educational, training, and consultative services, and work in collaboration with existing community resources and support networks.

This service is operated by Fraser Health serving residents of Vancouver Coastal and Fraser Health.

4946 Canada Way
Burnaby, BC
Phone: (604) 918-7540


?Developmental Disabilities Mental Health Services is an open referral service accepting referrals including but not limited to Community Living BC, general practitioners, hospitals, mental health centres, families, caregivers, schools, etc; all referrals require approval by the client's general practitioner.


Eligibility requirements include:

  • Aged 12 years or older 

  • Psychological assessment indicating an IQ of 70 or below

  • Have a mental illness and/or challenging behaviour

  • Have developed the intellectual disability before the age of 18

  • Must meet Ministry of Children and Family Development criteria