R.W. Large Memorial Hospital

The hospital has 6 acute beds, 7 continuing care beds and a 3-bed emergency department open 24/7, along with a laboratory, diagnostic imaging services and telehealth services. Also within the hospital is a medical clinic, pharmacy and ambulance services.


Patients and their immediate family members can request that no information be disclosed to callers or anyone but authorized medical health care providers.

R.W. Large Memorial Hospital

88 Waglisla Street
Bella Bella, BC
V0T 1Z0
Phone: (250) 957-2314
Fax: (250) 957-2612

Hours of operation

?Emergency: 24/7

Visiting Hours: Monday - Friday, 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.


?Visit the Hospital care section on our website for more information on bringing personal ID, personal belongings, hospital rooms and meals, patient services you can access and more.