Richmond Mental Health Consumer and Friends? Society (RCFC)

RCFC is Richmond?s first self-governing organization for Mental Health Consumers and we: 

  • Run Mental Health Consumer directed programs

  • Offer personal development and skill building workshops and volunteer opportunities.

  • Promote awareness of the RCFC, mental health, and consumer empowerment.

  • Provide a forum to share and develop ideas and proposals, involving consumer and family support, and systemic advocacy.

  • Partner, review, and participate in mental health programs and initiatives.

Annual funding is from Richmond Health Services, The SMART Fund, Vancouver Coastal Health and The City of Richmond. Your donation would be appreciated. 

RCFC Peer Support Program

We provide one-on-one assistance to people who are recovering from a mental illness and who are receiving mental health services. This assistance provides learning to enhance the person?s life and reach personal goals. It may mean growing more confident with getting out and active, or meeting people, or it could mean learning what community activities are available in Richmond.

The relationship between Peer Support Worker and Peer will generally last until goals are reached, usually within a six month period. The common goal of all Peer Support relationships is greater independence.

For more information, call (604) 675-3977 extension 3. 

RCFC Peer Social Group and Educational Programs

For more information on one of the groups below, call: (604) 675-3977 extension 5.

Wednesday Social Group

We provide positive opportunities to learn new things and skills, socialize and build relationships, improve health, and engage in creative or intellectual endeavors. Support and encouragement for each individual to reach their potential is an important goal.

Computer Literacy Group

Every week on Monday afternoon from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Richmond Public Library ? Main Branch.

  • Basic computer skills
  • Key Boarding
  • Internet
  • Web surfing
  • Microsoft office (Word, E-mail, Excel, Power Point)
  • Photoshop

Summer Garden Plot Activity 

  • Fresh air
  • Come and have fun
  • Enjoy the benefit of outdoor activity and exercise
  • Prepare the soil 
  • Plants seeds
  • Watering 
  • Harvest
  • Proceeds of the produce is shared by MH consumers and the Food Bank

Winter Cooking Activity 

  • Learn to prepare healthy meals
  • Participate in team work
  • Enjoy a meal with peers

RCFC Therapeutic Recreation Program

We promote wellness with learning and social opportunities in a supportive recreational setting for people with mental health issues.

We accomplish our mission by encouraging and supporting individuals to:

  • Become active in the community.
  • Build a social network whereby healthy relationships are fostered.
  • Overcome barriers that hinder participation.
  • Learn and acquire skills, which develop confidence, independence and initiation.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle that enhances physical, emotional, and mental well-being.
  • Advocate and express rights and freedom to make choices.
  • Become a leader or teach skills to others.

For more information call: (604) 675-3977 extension 4. 

RCFC Coffee House 

Enjoy a FREE cup of coffee or tea, hang out, play a game, and make new friends. Taking place at THE BUTLER DID IT at City Hall on Fridays from 1:30 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.

For more information call: (604) 675-3977 extension 4. 

210-7671 Alderbridge Way
Ricmond, BC
V6X 1Z9
Phone: (604) 675-3977 extension 3
Fax: (604) 214-0947


For the RCFC Therapeutic Recreation Program, you will need a referral from your doctor or mental health professional. 

If you are new to the Recreation Program, you can meet the Coordinator in advance to learn more. He/she will explain all the activities you can participate in, discuss suitable activities for your needs, and introduce you to other staff members.

Once the referral is received, you are welcome to participate in any of our shorter activities to check us out.  If you know that you wish to continue, or join in our longer road trips or outdoor recreation, you can be placed on our mailing list and receive our calendar every month.  Many of our longer trips fill up fast, so we request that you sign up in advance.  It is that easy!

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Becoming a member provides many opportunities, such as: 

  • Make new friends

  • Develop new skills

  • Gain from the supportive atmosphere

  • Participate in committee work

  • Join our social and recreational activities

  • Enjoy The Coffee House

  • Help with fundraising projects

  • Build a healthy community


  • Full membership is free to all mental health consumers living in Richmond, BC.

  • Associate membership is free to anyone not meeting the criteria for full membership. 

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In May 1995, the RCFC was first formed by a Steering Committee of Richmond Mental Health Consumers to advise on priorities for Richmond?s first allocation of annualized Consumer and Family Initiatives Funding.

The Steering Committee recommended the funds be used for a Peer Support Program and to help fund a partnered Week-End Drop-In Program at Pathways Clubhouse.  A third recommendation proposed that the two initiatives be developed and overseen in partnership with the Steering Committee, which would remain involved as a permanent and self-governing Richmond Consumer and Family Council.

The RCFC was granted non-profit society status in July 1999 and is accountable for the administration of the acquired annualized funding granted by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.