Addiction Recovery Program (ARP) - Robert and Lily Lee Family Community Health Centre

?The Addiction Recovery Program (ARP) is an abstinence based supportive and transitional (not permanent) housing partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) for Vancouver residents. For 24 months, ARP coordinators help you set goals, build skills and feel supported while you stay in safe, affordable housing. 

Robert & Lily Lee Community Health Centre

1669 East Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V5N 1V9


  • Must be a  Vancouver resident who has lived in the city for a minimum of 12 months

  • Must be 19 years or older

  • Must have 90 days of sobriety

  • Completion of a VCH funded treatment centre

  • Attendance of 1 ARP monthly housing orientation meeting via Zoom

  • Ability to live independently with minimal support

  • Can provide at least 2 letters of reference from a professional that confirms your commitment to recovery

  • Committed to working on a personal recovery plan

  • Willing to sign an Addiction Recovery Program Agreement

  • Can get an account in your own name with utility companies such as BC Hydro and FortisBC

  • A family: you live with a spouse and/or one or more dependent children

  • A senior: you are a single person aged 55 or older, or a couple where you and/or your spouse are 55 years or older

  • A person with a disability: you have a permanent disability or diminished ability and receive a recognized disability benefit

Custom 1

Call 1-866-658-1221. The line connects you to staff at Vancouver Coastal Health's Access Central and please listen to the Addiction Housing prompt

After you apply

  • Understand that ARP coordinators have access to your Vancouver Coastal Health records

  • Some reasons health records will be accessed are: concerns about declining health, slips or relapses and assessing for program eligibility

  • We understand that slips and relapses are a part of recovery. In order for us to support you while you are on the waitlist, transparency is essential 

  • Remember to check in every month with ARP or your name will come off of the waitlist

  • You will be asked to attend the ARP monthly orientation meeting via Zoom

  • As you move closer to the top of the list you will be called for an assessment. Two letters of professional references will be required

Custom 2

  • Use the Housing Registry to compare places that meet your needs and your income level

  • Assist with all documentation required to complete the Addiction Recovery Program application

  • Get placed as a short-term program participant in a building managed by BC Housing

  • Review the Addiction Recovery Program Agreement

  • Suggest where to get furniture and household items

  • Introduce you to the building manager

  • Answer your questions about being a program participant

  • Answer your questions about building rules and regulations

  • Make the transition to long-term recovery and possible tenancy

  • Create and maintain a personal recovery plan

  • Offer regular meetings to support your ongoing abstinence from drugs and alcohol

  • Build job skills, including education training, volunteer work and employment counselling

  • Refer you to any physical and mental health resources or a case manager as needed