Richmond Healthy Heart Program - Richmond Hospital

The Richmond Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is designed for people who have had:

  • A heart attack
  • Bypass surgery
  • An angiogram/angioplasty
  • A valve problem
  • Other heart problems
  • Or those at risk for developing heart problems

The program will help identify and reduce factors for heart problems and educate patients on how to live a heart healthy lifestyle. Attendees are required to attend 2 sessions per week for 8 weeks and there are three components to the heart program:

  •  Exercise classes (twice a week)
  •  Nutrition education class (once a week)
  •  Stress management class (once a week)

The stress management and nutrition education classes are offered alternately on the same mornings as the exercise classes. The cost of the program is $370 for the comprehensive 8 week program (32 sessions).

Richmond Hospital

7000 Westminster Highway
Richmond, BC
V6X 1A2
Phone: (604) 244-5163
Fax: (604) 244-5571

Hours of operation

Monday - Thursday

8 a.m. - 12 p.m.


?A physician's referral is required.

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