Vancouver Regional Pediatric Team - Pacific Spirit Community Health Centre

We help children and youth lead active and healthy lives at school and in the community.

Our team provides the following services to children, parents and schools:
Nursing services to:
  • Advocate for families needing respite through direct nursing care from the At Home Program
  • Ensure families receive the medical equipment and supplies needed through the At Home Program
  • Support preschool, daycare and school staff to care for children with health issues such as diabetes and seizures
  • Train preschool, daycare and school staff how to do blood sugar testing, tube feedings and use catheters
  • Support children who need care after discharge from hospital
Occupational therapy services provide tools for parents and schools for children who:
  • Have a hard time writing, printing or using scissors
  • Can?t sit still, pay attention or are clumsy
  • Have delays as they enter kindergarten
  • Need feeding support
  • Need computers or equipment and support using them
  • Need short-term support after discharge from hospital
Physiotherapy services train school staff and parents on how to support children needing: 
  • Wheelchairs and other equipment
  • Support walking ? with and without help from a walker or crutches
  • Exercises
  • Modifications to the standard physical education program.
  • New equipment.
  • Help ensuring the school is safe for children on crutches or in a wheelchair.
  • Need short-term support after discharge from hospital
Social work services to works in partnership with other professionals in the community to provide:
  • Counselling
  • Advocacy
  • Support for families to access resources and services in the school and the community
Are there any costs for these services? 
These services are free-of-charge. There may be costs for medical supplies and equipment if a family is not covered by the BC Medical Plan or other government programs.

 Please call (604) 267-2606 for more information.

Pacific Spirit Community Health Centre

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Hours of operation

Monday - Friday 
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


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?Children age 0-19 years. This service is provided to children and youth in school and home settings.