STEPS Mental Health Rehabilitation Program

We provide a wide range of individual and group mental health rehabilitation services in the areas of personal life, leisure, education and work including:
  • Individualized mental health rehabilitation screening and assessment; 

  • Rehabilitation goal-setting and assistance with goal achievement;

  • Individualized support;

  • Rehabilitation readiness and exploration of service options; 

  • Referral to other services 

  • Advocacy

Rehabilitation involves skill development, coaching and mentoring in areas of home management, community living, interpersonal relationships, self-management, life skills, volunteering, education, work, recreation, leisure, substance use recovery and harm reduction. Services are provided by occupational therapists, recreation therapists, vocational rehabilitation counselors, and peer support workers.

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) supports individuals with mental illness to obtain and maintain competitive employment. 

Downtown Eastside

#203-524 Powell Street
Vancouver, BC
V6A 3B3
Phone: (604) 216-8741


Referrals are made through Pender, Downtown, or Heatley Community Health Centers. Contact your care provider for further information.


Clients with a mental health diagnosis by a clinician from the following Downtown Eastside health agencies:

  • Heatley Integrated care team

  • DCHC Integrated care team

  • Pender Integrated care team