Happy Hearts Alliance

The Happy Hearts Alliance is a partnership between VGH Centre for Cardiovascular Health, St Paul?s Hospital?s Healthy Heart program and community organizations to provide cardiac wellness programs that are accessible and closer to home.

Visit the City of Vancouver Happy Hearts website to learn more about the Happy Hearts program at community locations across Vancouver.

Happy Hearts Plus: Community Cardiac Wellness Program

The program is 6 months, or 48 attended sessions. Services offered include:
  • Cardiologist and Case Manager support during program enrollment.
  • Exercise classes twice per week. Drop-in gym sessions available throughout the week.
  • Weekly education sessions on heart disease, healthy living, exercise and nutrition.
  • Nutrition and psychosocial support provided by trained health professionals. Access and referrals to community resources available.

For enrollment, please have your physiciancomplete the Happy Hearts Plus referral form.

Happy Hearts Classes: Community Maintenance Exercise Classes

Recent graduates of cardiac rehabilitation programs can join a maintenance class offered under the Happy Hearts Alliance. There is no medical or case management but these classes are led by trained community cardiac fitness instructors. These classes provide an opportunity for clients to practice and apply lifelong self-management skills they learned during the cardiac rehab program.

For new registrations:

  • Please have your cardiac rehab case manager complete the Community Maintenance Exercise referral form. This form will be valid for 6 months.
  • If you have graduated more than 6 months from your cardiac rehab program, you will require a doctor?s note to participate or have your physician completethe physician clearance form.
  • Doctor?s approval is needed if there has been a serious change in health since your cardiac rehabilitation program graduation or have your physician completethe physician clearance form.
  • Registration is available in-person at the community centre. You will be required to present proof of cardiac rehab graduation, referral form or physician clearance on your first day of class.

Vancouver Community locations

Robert Lee YMCA
955 Burrard Street, V6Z 1Y2
Phone: (604) 689-9622
Fax: (604) 699-9622

Dunbar Community Centre
4747 Dunbar Street, V6S 2H2
Phone: (604) 222-6060

Kensington Community Centre
5175 Dumfries Street, V5P 3A2, 6th floor
Phone: (604) 875-5389
Fax: (604) 875-5794

Jewish Community Centre
950 West 41st Avenue, V5Z 2N7

Phone: (604) 257-5111

Champlain Community Centre
3350 Maquinna Drive, V5S 4C6
Phone: (604) 718-6575

Email: cardiacrehab@vch.ca

Hours of operation

Program hours may vary by location. Call for more information.


Age range: 19 and over