Diabetes Clinic - Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre

As part of a tertiary care hospital, our mandate is to provide education, support and treatment to individuals with complex diabetes management issues.  Our multidisciplinary team consists of nurses, dietitians, endocrinologists, geriatrician, psychiatrist, clerks, social worker, pharmacist and podiatrist. 

Our clinic supports people with complex diabetes management issues through a range of services including: education and training on advanced carbohydrate counting, intensive insulin therapy and continuous glucose monitoring as well as endocrinology referral. 

Vancouver General Hospital - Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre

2775 Laurel Street
4th floor, station 2
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 1M9
Phone: (604) 875-5910
(604) 875-8276


A physician referral is needed. Click to download the form


Eligible for individuals with complex management issues, including insulin therapy and presence of chronic or acute diabetic complications. Please see back of referral form for complete admission criteria.

Individuals on insulin or with chronic or acute diabetic complications.