Audiology Services - Central Community Health Centre

Our program offers comprehensive hearing services for the following North and West Vancouver residents: children age 0-19 years and developmentally delayed adults. We are also a clinical practicum setting for graduate students from the University of British Columbia.

Services are available for the following North and West Vancouver residents:

  • Children age 0 - 19 years inclusively
  • Developmentally delayed adults
Services may include:
  • Full hearing assessment
  • Hearing screening programs for school-age children and newborns
  • Hearing aid  and assistive listening device assessment
  • Counseling
  • Hearing aid sales for children age 0 -19 years and developmentally delayed adults
  • Fitting & follow-up services
  • Client and family education
  • Consultation with other service providers
  • Community education and awareness

Central Community Health Centre

132 West Esplanade Avenue
North Vancouver, BC
V7M 1A2
Phone: (604) 983-6700
Fax: (604) 983-6839

Hours of operation

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Age Range: 0 - 19

Must be a resident of North or West Vancouver; also offered to eligible dependent adults who receive professional caregiver support for daily living.