Geriatric Assessment Clinic ? West Vancouver Community Health Centre

We provide short-term health assessment and treatment for older adults with who can no longer safely function in their day-today life.

Clients may have gone through recent physical, social or mental changes that threaten their health and independence.

West Vancouver Community Health Centre

241-2121 Marine Drive
West Vancouver, BC
V7V 4Y2
Phone: (604) 904-6200 extension 4112
Fax: (604) 904-6172

Hours of operation

Appointments: Monday - Friday: 9:00 am ? 4:00 pm
Reception Telephone Hours: 8:30 am ? 4:30 pm


A family doctor can make a referral. It can also come from other community health team members such as Long Term Care case managers, Mental Health staff, Home care nurses, Rehabilitation staff. The family doctor must approve the referral.


Must have multiple, complex problems that impair their physical, social or mental abilities. The program focuses on those who have had an unexplained recent decline in health. Must live in the North Shore health region in their own home, or are now in the hospital and are ready to go home, but are at high risk to return to hospital again.
Age Range: 65 and over