Transitions - Richmond Public Health

?We provide outpatient assessment, treatment and advocacy/referral services for adults experiencing substance misuse, mood and anxiety disorders and/or concurrent psychiatric and substance use disorders. Individual and group counselling is available.

Richmond Public Health

8100 Granville Ave
Suite 600
Richmond, BC
V6Y 3T6
Phone: (604) 244-5486

Hours of operation

Open Monday - Friday. Please call reception for further details.


Mental health counselling requires a health professional referral.  Please fax the form below to (604) 244-5487.  A professional referral is not required for substance use counselling.  Clients with substance use concerns may call (604) 244-5488 directly.

Richmond Adult Community Mental Health & Substance Use Services Referral Form


?Participants must have the cognitive and functional ability to participate in a counselling program and live in Richmond.