Nutrition/Dietitian Services - Birth to 5 Years Program - Parkgate Community Health Centre

Healthy eating is critical for the growing bodies and minds of children to help reach their full potential.

Public Health Dietitians provide some of the best nutrition programs and information to help your children grow up healthy and happy.

Anyone who has concerns about a child's nutrition and growth may call the community health centre at the number listed below. Ask to speak to a public health nurse to assist you with your nutrition request.

These services are free-of-charge.

Parkgate Community Health Centre

3625 Banff Court
North Vancouver, BC
V7H 2Z8
Phone: (604) 983-6700


?Public health nutrition support is available to families of children aged birth ? 5 with feeding concerns through public health nurses at your local community health centre. Nutrition education to parents and caregivers on feeding babies is provided at VCH parent infant groups. The public health dietitian provides support for early childhood educators with healthy eating resources.