Finances & Resources

Our goal is to use our resources efficiently to sustain a viable health care system

Finances & Resources

This section provides information about the financial resources we use to meet our targets, maintain our health services and develop new and innovative services for the future.

To see our performance on specific financial measures, visit the Report Card page. We always welcome your feedback about the organization.

Budget & Financial Reports Reports include audited financial statements, schedules of remuneration and expenses and payments to suppliers of services.
Learn more about our Budget & Financial Reports.

Sustainable Health Care Lower Mainland Consolidation is an innovative approach to improve efficiency across health organizations in select non-clinical areas.

Learn more about Sustainable Health Care.

Taxpayer AccountabilityThe new taxpayer accountability principles will be used in the operation of provincial public sector organizations. 
Learn more about our Taxpayer Accountability.

CEO Expenses

This section provides information on expenses made by the CEO of Vancouver Coastal Health. These reports are posted each quarter.

Learn more about our CEO Expenses.