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Pearson Dogwood Therapy Pool

The Stan Stronge Pool on the Pearson Dogwood site will be replaced with a new accessible warm-water pool for people with significant disabilities. 

Key features of new therapy pool

Similar to the current Stan Stronge Pool, the new therapy pool will be unique in the Lower Mainland, with warm water temperature, a soothing environment and capacity to serve individuals with physical, cognitive and developmental challenges. 

Key features

  • Warm water – 33 degrees or higher

  • Shallow depth, ranging from 1.0 metre to a maximum of 1.5 metres

  • Ramp entry with a gradual slope

  • Multiple supports and access devices such as: ceiling lifts in change rooms, pool wheelchairs, handrails, etc.

The new therapy pool will be designed to support people with disabilities who are unable to use or access public facilities. Many pool users will be local residents, living in the new housing units with supports on the Pearson Dogwood site. This pool is a place where individuals with a care provider can go for therapy sessions. The aquatic therapy programs, amenities and warm water environment here are not available elsewhere in the community.  

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