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The VCH logo is a visual representation of our brand and must accompany all corporate communications. To maintain consistency, always use an authorized version of the logo and do not modify (squeeze or elongate) the aspect ratio of any logo.

The VCH logo is created using ITC Officina Sans for the wordmark and New Century Schoolbook for the tagline. If you require the EPS file of our logo, email

VCH logo with tagline Download:  PNG  JPG
VCH logo without tagline  Download:  PNG  JPG

VCH logo with tagline in grayscale  Download:  PNG  JPG

VCH logo with tagline in blue  Download:  PNG  JPG


VCH logo without tagline in black  Download:  PNG (full black)  PNG (full white)

VCH logo without tagline in grayscale  Download:  PNG  JPG

VCH logo without tagline in blue  Download:  PNG  JPG


VCH logo 1 line  Download:  PNG  JPG

VCH logo 1 line in black  Download:  PNG (full black)  PNG (full white)

VCH logo 1 line in grayscale  Download:  PNG (black with gray)  PNG (white with gray)  JPG

VCH logo 1 line in blue  Download:  PNG  JPG


VCH graphic symbol  Download:  PNG  JPG

VCH symbol in black  Download:  PNG (full black)  PNG (full white)

VCH symbol in grayscale  Download:  PNG  JPG

VCH symbol in blue  Download:  PNG  JPG

Program sub-logos

In most cases, sites, facilities, services, departments and programs are not able to create variations or have their own logos. If you believe you are one of the rare permissible cases eligible for sub-branding, please contact Communications and Public Affairs for approval.  If you need graphic desgin help to set up your logo, please contact the HSSBC Print Shop.

If you are approved to use a separate logo, there must be consistent use of the logo, colours, fonts, size and spatial relationships as shown in the following graphics and specifications:

  • Font: officina bold font
  • Font colour: ocean blue (PMS 307)

Vehicle signage

Vehicles, such as vans, cars and enclosed trucks, with a facility name need to follow these guidelines: 

  • Vehicle colour must be white
  • Use secondary logo in ocean blue (PMS 307) and sunlit green (PMS 382)
  • Do not use positioning line on van or other vehicles (For cars, use relative measurements)
  • Facility name: officina bold font, 2" cap height (3" for trucks), centreed on door panel, black font colour only. If the vehicle does not have door guards or trim, estimate that the trim line is 1/3 of the way up on the door to determine correct position of facility name
  • Optional vehical number: officina bold font, 3" height (4" for trucks), centred on door panel, black font colour only
  • Truck rear door: officina bold font, 4" cap height, centred, black font colour only. If name exceeds length of logo, use two lines

Facility signage

Signage with a facility name and address needs to follow these guidelines:

  • "y" represents 1/3 of sign (must maintain "x" and "y" ratio)
  • Address line cap height is 2/3 of facility name cap height
  • Use secondary VCH logo in white and blue
  • The background colour is ocean blue (PMS 307) with white text
  • Alternatively, you can use a white background with a ocean blue (PMS 307) and sunlit green (PMS 382) logo

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