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100 Years of Loss Scavenger Hunt winner also supports Indigenous focused healing centre


​Dr. Lyne Filiatrault was our winner of the Scavenger Hunt contest with the 100 Years of Loss exhibit and received a $50 gift certificate for Salmon & Bannock restaurant. The 100 Years of Loss exhibit was set up in the Diamond Courtyard at VGH for the month of June to help health care professionals develop a further understanding of the health impacts of Residential schools on Indigenous people in Canada. The Scavenger Hunt was a tool to explore the information in a deeper way. As Lyne expressed, “I thought this exhibition was fantastic – a superb and emotionally significant exhibit. I read all the panels and learned stuff that I never learned in school and university." Lyne is also interested in taking the Indigenous Cultural Safety training to learn more about the history of colonization and how she can be part of creating positive change.

Lyne worked as an emergency physician at VGH for almost 20 years and was, until March 31, the co-chair of the Vancouver Physician Staff Association (VPSA) Engagement Initiative established in 2016 to create a better work environment for physicians at VGH, UBC Hospital, GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre and affiliated community physicians. Earlier this year the VPSA Engagement Project Committee provided $20,000 to fund a unique project at the new Urban Indigenous Health and Healing Cooperative (UIHHC) in the DTES. The project is entitled Inter-Professional Team Development-Nurturing Collaboration between Indigenous Elders and Healthcare Providers and the UIHHC lead is Dr. David Tu. 

Congratulations Lyne  - we hope you enjoy your dinner!

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