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3 Vancouver beaches remain closed to swimming


Due to high levels of bacteria in the water swimming and wading are not recommended at Kitsilano Beach, including Kitsilano Point, and Trout Lake in Vancouver. 

E. coli bacteria is from human and/or animal feces. High levels of E. coli bacteria in the water increase risk of gastro-intestinal illness to swimmers. VCH is working to monitor the water quality and remove the swimming advisory once the levels have decreased.

The reason for the elevated levels is not yet known. VCH, City of Vancouver and Metro Vancouver staff are looking at the potential causes.  

It is not unusual to have beach closures at some beaches during the summer within the VCH region.

Sewage discharge from various sources, land or water; hot weather speeding up bacterial growth in the water; lack of tidal flush in certain areas; increased human and animal activity on the beach are possible causes.

Want more information?

E. coli counts for the Vancouver-area beaches are updated every Friday, based on sampling results. See the latest beach water quality reports for more information. (Current closed beaches' reports will be posted Friday)

Read our FAQ on beach water

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