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4 ways to reclaim your lunch break with Canada’s new Food Guide


We hear a lot about the benefits of breakfast and dinner but what about lunch at work? Our work day is often so hectic that we either don’t have time for lunch or we eat and work at the same time. Canada’s new Food Guide can help us take back our lunch break. The guide goes beyond “what to eat” to focus on “how we eat” with these four ideas: ​

  • Mindful eating habits
    • Take time to eat
    • Notice when you are hungry or full
  • Cook more often
    • Involve others in planning and preparing meals
  • Enjoy food
    • Culture and tradition can be a part of healthy eating
  • Eat meals with others
    • ​​​​​Take a break from your phone and computer

Where to start?

There can be a lot of pressure to find time to bring home-cooked food to work and enjoy food with others. Start small, with one of the ideas below, and do what you can:​

  • Pick one day a week to plan to eat lunch with a colleague.
  • When you and your co-workers are eating together, aim to keep screens and phones turned off.
  • Suggest a weekly or monthly potluck to share cultural or family recipes and find new lunch ideas.
  • Instead of re-heating lunch in a plastic container, bring a real bowl or plate and cutlery from home.
  • Plan to have lunches together after meetings.

Too busy to take a break?

Did you know that when we take a break and connect with people, we are actually more efficient afterwards? A proper lunch break can provide valuable self-care for you and also allow you to maximize your capacity for your patients or clients. Win win!

What about at home?

Packing lunch for work means planning ahead in the kitchen. If you have children, perhaps one of these 1​0 tips will spark inspiration to cook together. You may be surprised at how much young children can do and how even teenagers can get excited to help out. For more motivation, check out the Hands on Cook Off contest, which includes up to $1000 in cash prizes for making a 3-min cooking video with your family.

What else is new with Canada’s Food Guide?

Whether it’s for ourselves or our clients and patients, the new guide continues to encourage us to choose a wide variety of foods, including plant-based choices. Canada’s Food Guide website also has recipes, videos and other actionable advice. 

There’s been a lot of buzz about dairy in the new guide. To learn more about this hot topic, check out Is Dairy in the N​ew Food Guide?

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