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5 sustainability resolutions for 2015

We say goodbye to 2014 and hello to a fresh start in 2015.To help you with this, here are five resolutions everyone can make going into 2015.

Join a sustainability group

If you want to start the wheels of change in your work area or personally, join a group. Concerning VCH Sustainability, join the GreenCare Community and one of its specific groups. And take your group commitment one step further and join the Green+Leaders or Recycling Champions .

Take greater energy responsibility

It’s 2015. Make sure you turn off your lights when you leave a room and shut off your computer monitors when you are done using your computer. Find out more ways you can conserve energy.  

Reduce food waste

Now is a good time to look at your food waste. Consider setting up your own compost or putting your food waste into communal compost.Composted food can help create great, healthy soil for our gardens.

Get more active

There are many studies that show how unhealthy sitting at a desk all day or driving a single occupancy vehicle is. It’s easier than you might think to walk, bike, carpool, or work from home. We have all heard stories of people who have done this and happily not looked back.
Be better at recycling
Recycling is great, especially if we have no contamination in our recycling bins. Find out more information about what can be recycled.
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