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A journey to Long COVID recovery


When Shane Neville was admitted to the Vancouver Coastal Health’s (VCH) Post-COVID-19 Recovery Clinic in 2021, he was on a crash and recovery rollercoaster. 

He’d been diagnosed with Long COVID a few months prior and it was causing him to experience extreme fatigue, breathlessness and brain fog — the symptoms made it hard to walk up stairs or make it through a movie. 

When he arrived at the Post-COVID-19 Recovery Clinic, he could only walk for 8-10 minutes without becoming exhausted. Today, he can walk for almost an hour while keeping his symptoms minimal. But recovery isn’t a straight line.

“You can have three good days and then you'll have a bad day or two,” he said. “Ideally, you're slowly climbing a hill.”

Something that has played a big role in Shane’s recovery is physiotherapy. Rebecca Fowler, a physiotherapist with the VCH Post-COVID-19 Recovery Clinic, was one of the first people he came in contact with at the clinic, and she’s had a huge hand in helping him maintain his health without aggravating his symptoms.

He still remembers one of the first tips she gave him after he mentioned he was struggling to get around his three-story townhome without becoming absolutely drained. She advised that, when walking up stairs, Shane stops and takes a breath on every step. 

“That was one of the very first bits of information that really helped my recovery because just going about my daily activities suddenly felt better,” Shane said. 

In this video, we hear from Shane about his experience with the VCH Post-COVID-19 Recovery Clinic and the role physiotherapy played in his recovery.


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