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Best friends excited to continue their nursing careers at VGH


Morgan and Allison, Patient Care Coordinators, Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant (L/BMT) unit at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH)

​A tale of true friendship, two nurses took a leap to move to British Columbia 10 years ago and they haven't looked back. Morgan and Allison met in nursing school in Alberta and quickly became best friends. Allison was planning to move to Vancouver and encouraged Morgan to join her on this exciting adventure. Fresh out of nursing school, they both shared an interested in Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant (L/BMT). On a whim, Morgan agr​eed to move to Vancouver with Allison, where they began their nursing careers on the L/BMT inpatient unit at VGH. The L/BMT program at VGH is a unique program that provides care to all adults who are diagnosed with leukemia and high grade lymphoma in British Columbia.

Moving to Vancouver

“I was motivated to move because I was offered relocation assistance, and I was excited about the opportunity to get extra orientation and support through the new grad program. As a new grad, I felt very supported by the experienced floor RNs," shares Morgan.  Allison agrees that she felt support by the other RNs and allied health team. “It is not an easy unit to start on as a new grad and they always made me feel supported and part of the team."

Supportive Team Environment 

Morgan and Allison really enjoy the team atmosphere and how inspiring every day is on the L/BMT unit. “The teamwork and high standard for providing evidence-based patient care on this floor is remarkable and very special. It's inspiring to see patients get better after stem cell transplant, or hearing someone is in remission after chemotherapy. Also, working with some of the same colleagues for so many years, they have become my family and are why I care so much about coming to work," says Morgan. “I always find the patients, their families, and their journey through our program inspirational. L/BMT is unique in that a patient often stays on our unit for an extended period of time, so you get to know the patient, their family, and friends very well," says Allison.

Advancing their Careers at VGH 

Ten years after they moved to Vancouver, Morgan and Allison still work together on the L/BMT inpatient unit. Over the years, they've advanced their nursing careers, and now both work as Patient Care Coordinators. “I was very motivated to apply for the Patient Care Coordinator position, as it has been a long term goal of mine to be involved in leadership, mentorship, and decision making in the L/BMT program -we have grown a lot and I'm excited to be a part of the future!" says Morgan. They feel very supported and fortunate to be part of the L/BMT program, and they can't say enough good things about the team they work with including RNs, physicians and allied health.

A year ago, Allison moved from the heart of Vancouver to Kamloops. She still commutes to VGH for her shifts a couple times a month, and heads back to Kamloops during her days off. When she's working at VGH she stays with Morgan in Vancouver. People have asked Allison, “Don't they have hospitals in Kamloops?" Allison replies, “Yes, they do, but they don't have L/BMT and they're not the same as VGH." 

A decade after their adventure began Morgan and Allison are still best friends, dedicated colleagues, and excited to continue their careers on the L/BMT unit at VGH. 

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