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Bring up the booze

Alcohol is part of our culture. From celebrations to special occasions, alcohol is often included. Parents and adult influencers (such as teachers or coaches) play a role in shaping a child’s beliefs and actions when it comes to alcohol. No matter what age your child is, bring up the topic of alcohol with your kids that guides them towards making healthy decisions.

Why have conversations with kids about alcohol?

Talking openly with kids from an early age about alcohol helps them to understand what it is. It also helps you guide them towards healthy decisions later in life. Some teens may try drinking alcohol before they are the legal drinking age of 19, but parents and other adult influencers can have conversations that play an important role in shaping a child’s beliefs and actions when it comes to alcohol.
As a parent or adult influencer, communicating, setting a good example, and building resilience are key to helping your child form a healthy relationship with alcohol as they grow.

Free tools

Visit for tools, resources, and videos that can help you prepare for the conversation at any age.

What is Alcohol Sense?

Alcohol Sense BC is a new resource to support BC parents and provide them with the tools they need to guide their children towards healthy decisions about alcohol. was launched on April 1, 2015. Through providing evidence-based information, Alcohol Sense helps parents learn more about parent-child discussions, and provides tips and guides for parents of children from middle school to age 18.
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