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Caring for hundreds - VCH offers thanks during National Nursing Week

"Care for one…that's love. Care for hundreds…that's nursing."

I don't know who gets credit for this quote, but I do know that I, and every member of our Senior Executive Team, see the truth in it every day. We see it at the bedside and in our clinics and health centres, in the homes of our clients, and even in meetings where nurses and former nurses with administrative roles, advocate passionately for the right thing to do by the people we are here to serve.

That passion came through loud and clear when our nurses, and so many other members of the VCH family, took time to complete the MyVCH organizational health survey last fall. It was your collective voice that put us on the path we are on now – one where we are working together to create a common vision and values that will hold "caring" as a central tenet of who we are together.

Our nurses would likely be quick to say, "Of course caring is important," but going forward, we are committed to creating a workplace that - through both words and meaningful actions – places just as much importance on caring for our own people, our nurses, our physicians, and our many health professionals, as on caring for our patients, clients and residents. So when we think of National Nursing Week, we are thinking of all of you, of the hundreds you care for, and of how we can care for you in return.

Given the opportunity, I know each member of our Senior Executive Team has a story to tell about how a nurse has touched their life; an instance where the care they received – for themselves, their partner, their child, or their parents – made a dark moment better. We are proud to celebrate this week and honour what those small moments mean, and to be on a journey of creating better moments for you in return.

We thank all of our people for what they do each day, and this week we offer a little extra appreciation for our nurses. VCH is better for who you are and what you do.

On behalf of SET, thank you! We hope you have time this week to take in one of the many National Nursing Week events across VCH and PHC.

Mary Ackenhusen, President & CEO

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