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Celebrating our dietitians


How can we unlock the potential of food? How can our food choices benefit our patients as well as our world? March is Nutrition Month and a perfect opportunity to explore providing good nutrition for people, our planet and the role dietitians play in this. 

Nutrition is integral to our body's function and is simultaneously intertwined into our lives through our culture, religion, personal beliefs and traditions. Increasingly, people are recognizing the impact food choices have on greater social, economic and environmental outcomes as well as on food nutrition security today, tomorrow and into the future.

Dietitians throughout Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) and beyond use their skills and expertise to create a better tomorrow. They play a vital role in all aspects of food security, including food literacy, food sovereignty, sustainable food choices, nutrition care and prevention. Dietitians are well-positioned in food systems to leverage change and continue working in diverse practice areas to advance sustainable food systems and nutrition care in their workplace and communities.

The cornerstone and foundation of a dietitian's role is their ability to connect nutritious foods with people. They use a person-centered approach and integrate cultural traditions, religious beliefs, personal beliefs as well as emerging evidence and data into their work.

Did you know?

  • In B.C., Registered Dietitians are regulated by the College of Dietitians of B.C. All Registered Dietitians have a Bachelor's degree specializing in food and medical nutrition therapy from an accredited university, have completed a supervised practicum training program and have passed a national registration exam. Registered Dietitians must also meet annual continuing professional competence requirements set out by the College of Dietitians of B.C. to maintain registration. Many have also earned Master's degrees and advanced certifications.
  • There are 1,502 Registered Dietitians in B.C., with 69 per cent working in clinical roles, 10 percent working in population and public health and three per cent working in food service administration.
  • At VCH, more than 140 dietitians work alongside other health care professionals: 
  • At VCH, more than 140 dietitians work alongside other health care professionals:
    • Vancouver Acute – 58 dietitians
    • Vancouver Community – 27 dietitians
    • Coastal – 23 dietitians
    • Richmond – 24 dietitians

Celebrating our dietitians ​

During Nutrition Month, we recognize the role of dietitians to support patients, clients and groups to make dietary and behavioral changes in the present and to lead to supportive nutrition environments in the future.

We encourage you to take this opportunity to acknowledge the dietitian on your team on National Dietitian's Day on Wednesday, March 16.

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Story submitted by: Eileen Cabrera, Theresa Cividin, Charles Go, Leila Goharian & Dianna Inman, Clinical Nutrition, Vancouver Coastal Health

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