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Celebrating our physicians

VCH celebrates National Physicians’ Day 2021

May 1 is National Physicians' Day. This is a day to celebrate physicians, their achievements, their dedication to patients, clients and residents and their vital role in our health-care system.

History of National Physicians’ Day in Canada

In 2018, the Canadian Medical Association selected May 1 to be National Physician’s Day to honour the birthday of the first female physician to practise in Canada, Dr. Emily Stowe. Dr. Stowe was born in 1831 in Ontario’s Norwich Township. After being denied entrance to the Toronto School of Medicine based on her gender in 1865, she earned her medical degree at the New York Medical College for Women and opened her own medical practice in Toronto two years later. Read Dr. Stowe’s full story

National Physicians’ Day at Vancouver Coastal Health

We’d like to recognize the unwavering commitment and compassionate care that physicians and all health professionals demonstrate in our hospitals and communities – today and every day. This year in particular, amidst the pandemic, we are reminded of the extent and critical importance of this.

  • To all of the physicians who work day and night in our hospital wards, intensive and critical care units, emergency departments, operating rooms, community clinics, rehabilitation centres, other facilities or private practices, and to those who participated in pandemic planning and now the vaccine roll out – thank you.

  • To the physicians who had to quickly adjust the way they delivered care, converted their homes into virtual clinics, trained themselves and supported their patients through the pandemic – thank you.

  • To the physicians who have had to isolate themselves to get well and keep their families and patients safe – thank you.  

  • To the physicians caring for dependent children, elderly folks and others while trying to juggle work, home, school and activities – thank you.

  • To the physicians in leadership positions who have been delivering care on the front lines while also managing administrative responsibilities that keep our organization running smoothly – we thank you.  

We have witnessed some incredible achievements over this past year. In addition to managing patient care and all of the challenges brought forth by the pandemic, physicians have continued to make strides in research and innovation, education, leadership, diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, and so much more. 

This National Physicians’ Day, we would like to reflect on the tireless work and sacrifices made by physicians and take a moment to express our gratitude. Thank you! 

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