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Diary of a Day: Samine Tanha, Clinical Resource Nurse, Richmond Home Health


In celebration of Nursing Week, nurses from across Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) are taking us along for their shifts, giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the important work they do, alongside their interdisciplinary teams, to care for our patients, clients and residents.

First up, we're spending the day with Samine Tanha, Clinical Care Nurse with Richmond Home Health. Here's what she shared:

7 a.m. – Driving into work

I drive into work with a cup of coffee in my hand, which I never forget, and have some upbeat music playing to get me moving and energized for the day to come. Today, Baby by Justin Bieber really got me pumped up! I often take a moment to start thinking about what the day will bring and remind myself to always keep an open mind, accepting whatever will come my way.

Driving into work.JPG 

8 a.m. – Beginning my day

Much of my role is being a clinical resource for the interdisciplinary team by providing education on various clinical skills, going out for joint home visits, assisting with complex client cases and providing orientation to new hires and students.

I usually start by checking in with the Triage Nurse and assisting with troubleshooting any issues that may arise in the morning. I also check my emails and calendar to see what meetings or education I have scheduled for the day, and check in with my colleagues (Leadership team) to discuss our various meetings and how we can assist each other throughout the day. Great teamwork is essential to the work we do

.Beginning My Day.JPG 

8:15 a.m. – Morning nursing huddle

Every morning, I attend the nursing huddle where all the nurses meet to discuss their caseloads and clients they are visiting for the day, and discuss any client concerns or scheduling issues. I update the nurses on clinical or workplace announcements.

During these huddles, I am reminded and appreciate the dedication and care that the nursing team provides for our homebound clients, whether it be providing a wound dressing change or providing palliative care to a client who wishes to spend their last few days at home.

The collaboration and communication during these huddles amongst the nurses is an important part of the care we provide to our clients.

​​Morning Nursing Huddle.JPG

11 a.m. – Meetings throughout the day

Throughout the day, I am in various meetings with different clinicians or teams regarding changes to site workflows or updates on new clinical or workflow practices. I work on orientation calendars and education plans for new clinicians that will soon start with the Home Health team.

I also work with the other educators (WOCN, PCRN, IV educator) to collaborate and discuss education with the staff on various subjects. I am so thankful to work with a group of educators that are so supportive, knowledgeable and experienced in their roles. If I ever need to bounce any ideas or questions off of them, I know they are just a call or few steps away.

Meetings all day.JPG 

1 p.m. – Education

The nurses are back in the afternoon, so I try to provide some education during this time. I provide in-service training to various clinicians within the interdisciplinary team regarding different topics pertaining to Home Health. Today, I will be completing the Fit Testing on clinicians whose Fit Test has expired.

I also check in with clinicians about their nursing visits and answer any questions they may have. Our nurses can get quite busy throughout the day, so I try to support them when I can with phone calls or administrative tasks.


3 p.m. – Treats

Today, I received some treats and gifts for Nursing Week. It's always nice to be able to reflect on the dedication and care that nurses provide to clients, and the appreciation of their hard work.


4 p.m. – Drive back home

During my drive home, I reflect back on the day and think about what an amazing team I am so grateful to work alongside with.

Home Health is such an integral part of a client's care journey. Our team works hard to ensure that we maintain the client's goals of care and provide the supports that they need while living in the comfort of their own home, around family and friends.

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