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Eat more broccoli bro

As a general rule, guys pay less attention to their health than women do. Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF) is trying to change that and has launched a nation-wide awareness campaign to ignite a men’s health social movement. Vancouver Coastal Health is a supporting partner in the campaign.

Four small changes any guy can make

  • Eat more broccoli
  • Take the stairs
  • Choose salad as your side
  • Get off your bus one stop early

Make your manly pledge and enter to win!

Between now and June 30, make your pledge to care more about your health at You can also enter to win the Father’s Day Golf Giveaway including a trip for two, golf clubs and $1,000 cash!

Listen to the champs

“We want guys to think about their lifestyle,” says hockey legend and CMHF supporter Trevor Linden. “By making some small changes now, they can have better health for themselves and for the people who count on them.” Along with Linden, a group of prominent men’s health “champions,” including Simon Whitfield, Adam Kreek, Shea Emry, Jim Hughson and Ned Bell are sharing selfie videos of their own health pledges.

Facts and figures

Men are 79% more likely to die from heart disease and 57% more likely to die from diabetes. They are 29% more likely to be diagnosed with cancer and 40% more likely to die as a result. Many of these problems are caused by the choices men make. They are 24% less likely than women to have visited a doctor within the past year, 67% of Canadian men are overweight or obese, and 85% of them exceed their daily recommended sodium intake. In the end, all these choices add up: Men on average have more than nine years of unhealthy life, most of which is preventable. And almost half of Canadian women are widows by the age of 65.
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