Meet Anatta, Aboriginal Patient Navigator

Meet Anatta, Aboriginal Patient Navigator

Job Title
Aboriginal Patient Navigator

Aboriginal Health

How long have you worked at VCH?
6 years in total; over 2 years with Aboriginal Health.

Tell us what you do at VCH in one or two sentences:
I work with other service providers and with client families to provide services that facilitate the knowledge, skill, values, and resource access necessary to overcome the systemic and interpersonal barriers to Indigenous people receiving excellent care and health outcomes. Once our health system is culturally safe, my role will no longer be required.

What’s your favourite thing about your work?
After 6 years with VCH, it is true to say that ‘I came for the job but stayed for the people’ – both those people I serve and those I work with.

One thing we might be surprised to learn about you:
I am writing a biography of my fiance’s life. We are planning to submit for publication in 2019.

Who or what inspires you?
My fiance inspires me with his integrity and tireless cheerfulness and generousity. My nephew – and children in general – inspire me because they deserve a healthy and beautiful world. Animals further inspire me to be gracious, gentle, responsible, humble, loyal, and brave.

Most healthy habit:
Self-reflection, laughter, and hugs every day.

Favourite vacation spot:
I generally travel only to visit family and friends. So my favorite vacation spot would be any place I happen to be visiting in order to be with them!