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Fishing re-opened after English Bay oil spill

Fisheries and Oceans Canada, with advice from Vancouver Coastal Health, has re-opened recreational fishing for crab and ground fish in English Bay. Test results from samples collected after the recent fuel spill have shown that these are safe to consume.
The commercial prawn and shrimp by trap fishery in the English Bay area based is also now open.  
The closure order was recommended by Vancouver Coastal Health, April 16, after the fuel spill in English Bay, and prohibited the harvesting of crabs and the angling of flounder, sole and other ground fish in waters possibly affected by the fuel spill. 
There is an ongoing closure of harvesting clams, mussels and other bivalves in this area which continues to be in effect.

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For information about the closure, please contact Department of Fisheries & Oceans: 604-666-2370 or read the recreational fishery notice and the commercial fishery notice.
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