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From one kid to another: seven-year-old Malia shares her vaccination experience [AUDIO]


Seven-year-old Malia sent a heartwarming and encouraging message to her cousin Orla after getting her first COVID-19 vaccine. 

"It actually just feels like a little pinch," Malia said, who noted to Orla that "you get a ton of stickers" after the shot. "And then you can have snacks in your pockets if you bring some. It's probably a good idea because you're going to be there for about 15 minutes."

Please feel free to play it for any kid you might know who's a little scared of needles and needs a pep talk!

Health Canada has approved the pediatric vaccine for use in Canada. The rigorous, independent, scientific review confirms that this first vaccine formulated for younger children is safe and it works.

All children aged 5 to 11 are now eligible to receive the pediatric COVID 19 vaccine. Vaccination of children is important to protect them from COVID 19 which continues to spread, with the fourth wave affecting more children than ever before. The vaccine will help children and families safely get back to many important activities that positively benefit children's physical and mental health. The vaccine also reduces the risk of transmission to children's close contacts who may be at higher risk of severe illness because of age or underlying medical conditions.

Children aged 5 to 11 can get vaccinated at clinics across B.C. The most important thing parents can do is register their children to get vaccinated at, and book their appointment as soon as you are invited.​​

More information and resource links are available on the VCH COVID-19 vaccines for children ages 5 to 11 page. 

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