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Further protection from the flu

You can protect yourself against four strains of the flu with a special vaccine available at the VCH Travel Clinic. The publicly funded vaccine for adults, which many people can get for free, protects against three strains of the flu, A (H1N1), A (H3N2) and B/Phuket, but another option also protects against a fourth strain of influenza virus known as the Brisbane strain. This vaccine is $25. Children can obtain this vaccine for free. Influenza B cases tend to be higher among older children and young adults.

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You can book an appointment at the VCH Travel Clinic by calling 604.736.9244.

Should adults 65 years and older get the quadrivalent flu vaccine?

The three strain vaccine is still the recommended choice for seniors 65 and older (even though it only covers three strains). The three strain flu vaccine (Fluad) for people aged over 65 years contains an adjuvant designed to stimulate a greater immune response.

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