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Helping clients successfully return back to the community


Happy Physiotherapy Month! Celebrated every year in May, this month helps to promote the physiotherapy profession and to increase awareness of its benefits which range from increased mobility and endurance to increased confidence and independence. Meet Marian, a physiotherapist at G.F. Strong who sees clients on the inpatient neuro-musculoskeletal (NMS) program. “I work with a variety of clients including burns, amputee, transplant, multi –trauma, arthritis, incomplete spinal cord injury and various neurological conditions," she says. Marian has been a valuable employee of Vancouver Coastal Health for the last 29 years! She started at Vancouver General Hospital in 1991 as a new grad and has worked in a number of different clinical areas including acute-neuro and rehabilitation.

Helping clients recover from injury and illness

“I work with a great team of people who genuinely value and respect each other," says Marian. “I love my job! Since my clients have a variety of needs, I am always learning how to best curate their treatment plan," she says. Marian's passion lies in helping people improve their function and seeing them successfully return back to the community after an illness or injury. “Clients often come back to visit long after they are discharged to say 'thanks' and let us know how they are doing. It makes me feel really proud of the work that we do at G.F Strong and Vancouver Coastal Health."

How the VCH Values play a role

The VCH Values (We Care for Everyone, We are Always Learning, and We Strive for Better Results) are evident within her team and career. Marian speaks very highly of her colleagues and says “there is a great support network of people who I can consult and learn from. I am part of the steering committee on our program and we are always evaluating how we can do things better. We also take time to support each other with pot luck lunch celebrations, Christmas parties, and more." The staff at G.F Strong also puts on an annual holiday concert for the clients and have performed a number of parodies of popular songs (Bruno Mars is a favourite!). In addition, Marian has been able to develop her clinical skills over the years as VCH supports continuing educations for staff.

Marian is passionate about working where she lives. “I love Vancouver because it is so walk able. We also have great parks and beaches and easy access to the mountains. You can literally ski and cycle in the same day."

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