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Helping patients breathe easier


Brooke, Respiratory Therapist at VGH

​Happy National Respiratory Therapy Week to all our Respiratory Therapists who provide exceptional care to our patients! One VCH Respiratory Therapist (RT) shared her experience as a new grad transitioning to a new city and beginning an exciting career at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH).​

“Having an outdoor playground at our fingertips is amazing," says Brooke, RT at VGH who loves being able to run along the seawall after work. Brooke's love for the outdoors began long before she moved to Vancouver. Originally from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, she is no stranger to the outdoors. Her outdoor education class once spent a week in the wilderness, catching their food and staying in hand-made shelters in -40° Celsius! Brooke's really glad Vancouver's winters are much milder.

Aside from loving the vibrant outdoors in Vancouver, Brooke was motivated to work at VGH because it is one of the busiest hospitals in Canada with lots of learning opportunities. “As a new graduate, getting the exposure and opportunities was definitely a must for me," shares Brooke. She feels well supported and her colleagues are always ready to lend a helping hand. “Every time you turn around there is always another RT around to bounce an idea off of or get a second opinion regarding a patient's care."


At VGH Brooke is exposed to a variety of clients– treating old and young patients as well as everyone in between. “This ranges from treating asthmatics and chronic lung conditions, helping spine patients cough, mechanically ventilating patients, getting in on the action when there is a cardiac arrest and many more tasks," says Brooke.

She recalls an inspirational moment while working with a newly diagnosed spinal cord injury patient. “I was a big part of helping wean them so they could return to breathing without the ventilator," says Brooke. After not having a voice for 3 months, the patient was able to speak again and it brought tears to both their eyes. This is a moment Brooke will never forget.

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