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"I can hardly wait for my next bath"


Calm. Soothing. Comfortable. Safe. These are the words Minoru residents and staff are using to describe the new bathing rooms at the Long-Term Care home, which saw completed renovations in December. The new rooms are part of the first phase of a project, which will see a total of 10 bathing room upgrades.

"There is no comparison—the new bathing room is wonderful," states Minoru resident Marci, who says she looks forward to her bathing time every week since the renovations have been complete. "It's nice to have a place like this that's soothing and comfortable," she says, adding that her favourite feature is the music that comes from the tub itself. "It feels like you're taking a real bath—there's nice lighting, it's clean—it's just a happy place."

The Minoru bathing project is part of Long Term Care Rejuvenation project to improve the bathing process and experience for residents and staff.

"We've designed the new rooms so that caregivers can easily and safely assist residents in bathing in a way that both protects the resident's dignity and promotes independence," says Minoru Resident manager, Nicky Dhugga. "By improving the environment and providing a destination that invokes comfort and safety, we can help relieve some of the anxiety and promote instead a sense of well-being, dignity, and respect."

Care Aid Abby Fanta, 1 West Care Aide, says the new rooms have made her job easier—knowing she can provide a good and safe experience to her residents.

"One of my residents used to have challenges at bath time, but since we've been using the new tubs, it's been much better," she says. "She fits well in the tub and I was able to provide nice bathing experience—I was so happy for her!"

Abby says the new rooms are more inviting, brighter, and also include added safety and function features to improve experience for staff. The tubs have music capability and coloured lighting to support residents who may have anxieties and provide an appropriate mood setting for them. Another great addition is a dedicated shower space with non-slip grab bars, which allows residents to have the option of a shower instead of a bath.

"Not everyone is able to take a bath, so it's nice to have the option of the shower," says resident Randi. "Bath time is an important part of my week, so it's nice to have it be a pleasant and more consistent experience now."

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