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"I can't wait to work here!"


Signing the time capsule pillar before construction of Vancouver General Hospital’s new perioperative suite begins.

Standing in the expansive open space on the third floor of Jim Pattison Pavilion North, Raquel de Traversay is in awe.

“To walk in the actual space where we'll build our new ORs is amazing," said the Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) operating room (OR) nurse coordinator. “I can't wait to work here!"

Judging by the buzz around her, Rackie isn't the only one excited about working in a new perioperative suite.

On March 13, VGH staff and physicians celebrated a momentous milestone of the VGH OR Renewal Project: construction to expand the hospital's Phil & Jennie Gaglardi Surgical Centre is set to begin.

Something for everyone

The new perioperative suite will include 16 state-of-the-art ORs, a 40-bed consolidated pre- and post-op Perioperative Care Unit (PCU), an Education Centre and Staff Lounge.

“I'm so excited to work here," said John Jonson, perioperative health care assistant. “This space is amazing — huge — and the new ORs will mean we can reduce surgery wait times for patients."

Megan Buckle was equally impressed. “It's so nice to see the building at its core before we add in all the walls and systems we need to support surgery; it's really interesting to see," said the OR nurse.

“I'm looking forward to working with all the new toys and safety equipment, especially in the OR. The new suite will provide us the space to do work safely, quickly and efficiently for better patient care. And, I really like the idea of a new staff lounge that's clean and bright!"

Construction begins in April

“Soon, this spacious shell will begin its transformation into our new perioperative suite — into your workplace," said Clinical Project Director Shelly Fleck to the celebrating crowd. “I'm happy to report that we're on schedule to open the new suite in January 2021."

Recognizing that this celebration was years in the making, Dr. Dean Chittock, Vice President of Medicine and Quality & Safety, thanked those who kept the dream alive and everyone for their hard work and dedication.

“Your dedication to patients can be seen in the designs of our new perioperative suite, designs that other hospitals are eager to emulate."

Construction of the new perioperative suite begins in April. During construction, it will be business as usual in the perioperative suite below.

Experience the future for yourself

Staff used virtual reality-style goggles to “walk" through drawings of an OR, the PCU and Staff Lounge. You can have a similar experience through the following links by dragging your mouse in any direction on the drawings.

Are you ready to join one of our talented OR teams? To learn more and apply, visit:

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